The Comic Folkloristic Fanfare ‘De Kikvorschen’ – The Frogs – was founded in 1927 in ‘t Pumpke’- the Tiny Pump – a famous inn in a legendary working-class neighbourhood of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the ancient capital city of the southern province Brabant in the Netherlands. Since 1930 during Carnival this unique and typical Brabant music band with its unmatched ‘Kikvorschen-sound’ is the court orchestra of the Amadeiro Dynasty, the Princes of the City of Oeteldonk – Frog Height – which is the comic name of the city during this particularly jumpy and joyful period for young and old.

Apart from Carnival, the many members counting Fanfare is famous for its comical acts and folkloristic dance group during loudly cheered and swirling performances: music festivals, street parades, jubilees, openings, trade shows and company festivities. These happen throughout the Netherlands, as well as in many European countries and even across the Atlantic!